More Live Music - More Entertainment in Faversham

Since starting PiF just over a year ago, I've noticed that there is a lot more live music in and around the town. I don't think that any of the credit belongs to PiF, pubs need to find ways of keeping profitable in these harsh economic times and pubs in many towns have turned to live music.

So great has been the expansion of live music in the town that I thought the bubble would burst. I thought that there would not be enough customers to enable all the pubs to make money after paying the bands fees. I seem to have been wrong.
A case in point is the Sun Inn that has live music every other Friday and sometimes more often. When they started putting on live music it seemed that they were not increasing their trade enough to cover the costs. But I've noticed in recent weeks that the Friday music nights have become increasingly popular and are going from strength to strength. It helps that The Sun seems to have learned well which bands suit the pub and that's probably down to Gary (well done Gary!).

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