About PiF

Playing In Faversham  aims to provide details of all live music events in and around the town of Faversham. We will include rock, pop, orchestral, choral, brass band, folk etc. etc. The site started in February 2011.

We gather our information from:
  • venues / bands / musicians sending in details
  • regular visits to venues (pubs usually) to gather information
  • venue and bands / musicians websites
We do not, therefore, rely on a venue updating this site or a venue directly contacting us and we are 100% free. In this way we aim to get as close as we can to 100% coverage of all live music events. (Of course, we very much appreciate venues contacting us by email)

Definition of 'live music' - we stretch the definition a bit, for instance we include 'Rock Club' at The Old Wine Vaults. We are also happy to carry listings of theatre and poetry and have even recently included comedy.

'Playing In Faversham' also goes out on the following sites:

Facebook        Twitter       Google+

These sites are updated daily and will have details and links to all live music events for the current day, they do not carry details of events beyond the current day.

PiF relies on getting information from pubs, venues and the general public. We really like getting any sort of feedback (and we don't get enough)

Please email us if you would like an event listed or if you have any information on live music in and around Faversham:
Also, you can add comments to any listing -  say what you want - there is no moderation, as such, but we will delete offensive comments. As listings of live music events are archived immediately after the event, any comments will not be available to public view after the event has happened (there must be an easier way to say this!). Anyway, to get round this problem, there is now a comments / review page that anyone can input to and will remain on public view. You can use this page for any comment on any subject and you can remain anonymous. Please use it - as I said, we really value getting feedback.

Playing In Faversham is 100% Free! 
Please note: we have absolutely no connection or affiliation with any commercial organisation including booking agents.

We do not carry paid advertising, however, we are happy to advertise anything relating to music in and around Faversham free of charge. That, of course, includes live music but we are happy to list music tuition, recording studios, music shops etc etc. Just email us!