The Vaults - Faversham Hop Festival 2018 Information

The Vaults 

A ‘free house’ pub with a good range of beers in Preston Street opposite The Alexander Centre.
From the outside the pub looks small but don’t be put off! It is a tardis of a pub! Loads of room inside and a good size garden where the music will be (weather permitting). There is also a side entrance in the adjoining alleyway. A good line-up of bands across the weekend including Friday evening.
The Vaults have live music regularly throughout the year.




1.00 - CREEK



8.00 - HIGH TIDE



to 6.00

Scroll down for information on the bands playing: (being updated)

Sur Les Docks
Nés sur les quais Dunkerquois sous l’ombre du phare, sept dockers mercenaires se lancent à l’abordage des ports, bistrots et tavernes afin d’animer ces lieux d’un folklore déjanté et de faire couler les fûts... . . .
(PiF thinks that translates as "my hovercraft is full of eels")
Anyway the video used here is a tad old (2011) but was filmed at The Old Wine Vaults (wherever that is?)

A Powerful and Energetic British Rock Band from Kent

Creek busted down the doors of the rock scene in 2013 when long time friends who first met while still in secondary school, Jess Paul and Mark built the foundations of the band that was to become Creek.

Powerful vocals, electrifying guitar riffs and arena ready rhythms has them standing out of the crowd. Bringing together influences from the rock and pop world alike, the music of Creek appeals to rock fans and non-rock fans alike. 

Thomas Ashby
Folk/Blues Singer/Songwriter & 'One-Man Band'
Vocals, Guitar, Bass Drum, Tambourine, Snare (Recordings include Piano, Banjo, Violin)

Paisley Mess

High Tide

High Tide are:

James - Songwriter. Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals.
Ben - Percussion, Drums and Vocals.

Having formed early 2012 after meeting at university, High Tide have gained momentum and a following across Kent and beyond, writing original folk-pop numbers and creating blistering unique covers. They perform genuinely exciting and intimate gigs, and have a unique and highly approachable rapport with their audiences.

Featured on BBC Radio Kent, performed at Sport Relief at The Olympic Park to thousands, supported Chas & Dave and performed constantly up and down the U.K, alongside Paris and Spain.

Will Whisson
Will Whisson is a singer / songwriter from the UK. Born in Kent but raised abroad, he eventually returned to the England, moving to London for a number of years before deciding to live out of a camper van in order to fully pursue the ambition of becoming a full-time solo musician and songwriter.
This approach to life has helped him build a profile across 8 different countries in the last year alone winning him many friends since he began his nomadic journey in the summer of 2016. . . . . . . . 

Green Diesel
The band Green Diesel make noise. Old fashioned, new fangled, jumping around with a violin and a bouzouki sort of noise. And they will continue to do so until they run out of instruments.
Specialising in innovative folk rock, Green Diesel first emerged in 2009, determined to pair new interpretations of traditional tunes with their own manic compositions, and make them dance.
The sextet of multi-disciplined musicians from Faversham, Kent, take their inspiration from the depths of English folk lore and legend and the classic folk rock sound of the 1970s. Like their predecessors Fairport Convention and The Albion Band, Green Diesel's sound is born from a love of traditional English music and a desire to reinvent it for modern audiences.

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