. . . HOP FESTIVAL 2018 . . Getting there! Gradually. But - getting there! Added the dance timings today! Updated 12th Aug
Faversham Hop Festival 2018

Playing In Faversham is a free service that provides information on live music in and around the town of Faversham 365 days a year. The music events are covered as part of this service, however, it is not the official Hop Festival website, that can be found here:

Use the links below to explore HopFest 2018, all these links also appear in the sidebars or in the top menu bar.

The links below will take you to the selected day where the music line-up will be by stage and then by venue in alphabetical order
Hop Festival FRIDAY
Hop Festival SATURDAY
Hop Festival SUNDAY
The above links can also be found at the top of the righthand sidebar or column

The links below will take you to the music line-up for the selected stage
Brewery Stage
Central / Hoppers Market Stage
Market Place Stage
Preston Street Stage
West Street Acoustic / Folk Stage
Dancing In Faversham  Hop Festival

Venues, line-up and band / artist details:
The links below will take you to the selected venue and show all the listed music for the entire weekend at that venue. It will also give information on that venue and information about the bands / artists appearing including video and music clips. 

The Albion Taverna
The Alexander Centre
The Bear Inn

The Market Inn
The Old Brewery Store
The Phoenix Tavern
The Railway Hotel
The Sun Inn
The Vaults

PiF's Handy Hour By Hour Guides:
These famous guides will continue to be updated with schedule changes right up to the festival. They can be accessed via the menu tabs or you could click the link to those tabs below:


PiF's Hop Fest Map
This can be found by clicking the Hop Fest Map tab in the menu bar near the top of the site. It shows where the stages, pubs and other venues with music are. Or click HERE

The Faversham Hop Festival is only possible due to the hard work of the Hop Festival Organisation and its volunteers. PiF would like to thank all the people involved and wish everyone Happy Hop Festering!

The 'official' Hop Festival takes place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September.  However, many pubs etc start early with music on the evening of August 31st and for this reason PiF includes the Friday under the general term of Hop Festival.

If you think PiF has missed anything or if you have a question or complaint  - please email PiF . . . 
To contact PiF email:  info@playinginfaversham.com

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