The Sun Inn - Faversham Hop Festival 2020 Information

The Sun Inn 

A Sheps pub / restaurant / hotel in West Street. Due to the design of the bar, the pub is apt to look busier than it actually is from the main entrance. The pub opens out further back and there is a large, well designed garden. You can also enter this pub from the garden which can be accessed from the central town car park in Leslie Smith Drive.

The Sun has live bands most Friday evenings throughout the year.



Music details: . . .  

The Miles Cookman Band
The MCB are the Miles Cookman Band.
Miles is well known as the frontman of Kelly's Heros. The full line-up is:
Miles Cookman - vocals, guitar
Lee Wilson - Keys
Leon Victor - bass
Ian Harris - drums

The Fabulous Fez Heads
"The Fabulous Fezheads are England's Premier Sand Dance Illusionists carrying on in the tradition of Old 'Blind Ned' Cleggett with his famous stage act of the 1920's and 30's, and actually starring his Great-Grandson Pete 'the Flying' Cleggett .
Under the watchful eye of Father Ken and featuring Keith the Camel, the Fabulous Fezheads blend a mixture of Dance, Danger and Music that will Astound, Astonish and Amuse."

Ever since I can remember The Fez Heads have been at The Sun Inn for Hop Festival - it's a great tradition and great fun!

The 'legendary' 
Davey Ralph Band

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Sophia Jack said...

I came across your blog post about The Sun Inn - Faversham Hop Festival 2020 Information and thought it was interesting. In any case, I'm on the lookout for a types of referencing style. That's great; the bar extends farther back, with a spacious, well-designed garden. Thank you for sharing it with us.