Playing In Faversham is closing down from today 25th April 2022. There will be no more music events added from today.

There are many reasons for shutting down PiF and I really should have closed it during lockdown a year ago.

PiF has been going now for more than 11 years! I'd like to thank all the people who've supported PiF and the venues and musicians that have helped keep PiF updated. In the 11 years there have been 2,300,000 page views on the PiF site and there are 2,600 page followers on the PiF Facebook page.

To keep in touch with live music in Faversham I recommend going to the Facebook Public Group page: 'Faversham Music Venues':

Events etc can also be posted on that page.

Anyway . . . .  I'll stop rambling on now.

Thanks again



William Woodruff said...

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Ace Giggs said...

You've done a great job for all those years, thank you!

You were also the model for Local & Live when I started it, and I know how you will be missed.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob…as entertainments officer for the Friday nite boys you were my go to for live music…be safe and catch up soon…Peter/Rick and co

james said...

Thanks Rob…as entertainments officer for the Friday nite boys you were my go to for live music…be safe and catch up soon..
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