PiF is 9!

PiF's 9th Birthday!

And so . . . PiF enters its 10th year of operation! 

Below is just a boring bit of twaddle about PiF and I suggest you don’t bother reading it. . . .

Playing in Faversham is an entirely free service. Free to readers, musicians etc. and venues.

PiF started as a website (actually an adapted Blogger platform) in January 2011 and within 2 weeks of starting also had a Facebook page. However, the website is still the main part of the set-up and lists events up to several months ahead whilst the Facebook page only lists events a couple of days ahead. Facebook has its limitations in this area.

PiF attempts to list all music events (and poetry, drama etc.) in and around Faversham. It does not rely on information being provided by venues etc. although that info from venues is very, very helpful.

Thanks to all the musicians, venues and people turning up at events for helping to make Faversham a great place to live and enjoy music!

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