Archived Sunday 3rd March 2019 - LUNATRAKTORS vs OSCAR WILDE - at The Hot Tin

17:30 to 22:00
Lunatraktors vs Oscar Wilde
Tickets £16 available at: Eventbrite
Two vastly different performances in one night - but both a celebration of our voices, bodies and mind.
So "be yourself; everyone else is taken" and "resist everything except temptation

£16 for the whole night including a cup of Oscar Wilde inspired Absinthe punch and a plate of cucumber sandwiches.

A Walk On The Wilde Side
A flamboyant concoction of Oscar Wilde’s plays + poems + short stories + essays + 3 actors.
Swallowed down with cucumber sandwiches and a cup of Oscar Wilde inspired Absinthe punch.

Lunatraktors work from the British-Irish-Australian archive of 18th-19th century broadside ballads: anonymous popular songs that were sung on the streetcorners of the empire, passed around as cheaply printed copies.

What's left when everything is taken away from us – our tools, technology and libraries, even our homes, communities and citizenship? What's left is what we have learned by heart and we can do with our bodies: our voices, hands and feet. Using techniques from body percussion, tap dance, overtone singing and physical theatre, performance duo Lunatraktors explore a set of British, Irish and Australian ballads to rediscover folk music as a queer space of personal and political transformation. Weaving the tragedy and comedy of these traditional tales with hypnotic acoustic percussion and harmonies, Lunatraktors create a genre-defying, "spellbinding" performance on the borders of music, theatre and live art.

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