Archived Saturday 16th September 2017 - CREEK - at The Vaults

The band you see before you solidified in 2013 when four talented musicians came together to play some rock music.

Prior to 2013, when charismatic vocalist (and classical pianist) Jess Link partnered up with distortion-loving and skilful guitarist Paul Watts, the band was conceived. Alongside them came the deep baritone vocals of bassist Mark Christian and the strong beat from the fresh-faced George ‘The King’ Spencer.

Almost at once, they clicked and the band thrived in harmony; as if they had been together for years when it had been a mere few months. The name ‘Creek’ was coined after the waterway in their hometown of Faversham, Kent.

Since their formation they have been performing locally in pubs and have delighted many during the famous Shepherd Neame ‘Hop Fest’ in Faversham. They soon gained prominence for their energising stage work and have played county-wide.

Creek are currently working hard on original tracks in the studio, preparing to release their new album. In addition, you will still find them performing their electrifying gigs regularly. Don’t waste any more time, go and give them a listen, you’re bound to love it!

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