Archived Friday 21st April 2017 - DIRK JAN RANZIJN - at West Faversham Community Centre

Dutch TV Music Star Brings his Bohm Digital Orchestra to Faversham

Here in the UK it has been some years since the best of our entertainment organists were regularly seen on TV, the last having probably been the great Harry Stoneham playing on the Parkinson and Wogan Shows. On the continent though, the top orchestral organist entertainers are often seen performing in wonderful variety and chat shows and are treated like rock stars. At the top of these ambassadors of popular music, think along the lines of Andre Rieu meets James Last, is Dutch music icon, DirkJan Ranzijn, who often appears on TV in Holland, Denmark and Germany, plus he headlines big music festivals and, of course, is also popular when he makes his concert tours around the world. A typical concert includes breath-taking, orchestrally styled performances, all played completely live, and including things like great Strauss waltzes and the big tunes from the West End musicals, all presented in a lively and fun way.

At 7.30pm on Friday 21st April, this incredible Flying Dutchman makes a rare concert appearance in the area, performing as a very special guest for Faversham Organ and Keyboard Concerts. 

Faversham Organ & Keyboards Monthly Concerts

Tickets are £7.50 and more details can be obtained from Neilson Matthews on 01795 590558 

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