Archived Saturday 18th February 2017 - THE HARRY PAYE MEMORIAL BRASS UNVEILING - at St Mary of Charity Church

At 12.30 pm on Saturday, 18 February St Mary of Charity will have a visit from the Mayor of Poole and the Pirates of Poole along with the Mayor of Faversham to unveil the new Harry Paye facsimile brass. Please join us! Dressing as a pirate (any era) and swaggering are optional but encouraged. Harry Paye was a 'privateer' in the 14th century (born around 1360), originally from Poole in Dorset, who once ‘acquired’ enough wine from captured French ships to keep the town of Poole drunk for a week! Harry married the daughter of Seman Tong, a local businessman, and ended his days in Faversham as a commander in the Cinque Port fleet.
An amateur historian from Poole has had the recreated brass made for us so that anyone visiting from the town can see where Harry Paye ended up.

PiF: This is a 'not quite music' event but I have been asked to include it and not to do so might incur the wrath of the pirates! There is some interesting history of Harry Paye on the 'Pirates of Poole' website:

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