Archived Wednesday 11th November 2015 - JODY KRUSKAL - at Faversham Folk Club, The Limes

Faversham Folk Club
Jody Kruskal
Ticket Price £7 / £8

"I sing vintage American songs and play tunes on the Anglo concertina. Though I’m from New York City, I love to perform across the pond where folks really appreciate what I’m up to.

My concerts in England offer a warm and engaging solo presentation of traditional and popular American songs from yesteryear. From witty and humorous ditties to songs that explore the depths of the human condition, my singing tells American stories that are hilarious, gritty and true… stories of train wrecks and wrecked marriages, death row convicts and lonesome lovers, heroes, losers, swaggering braggarts, lazy slackers and slapstick fools. Plan to join in on the chorus.

My love affair with the concertina goes back thirty years. I play often at local New York contra dances with a number of bands. I’ve played extensively for morris and sword teams and also many Playford dances here in NYC."

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