Archived Sunday 7th December - THE NARRATONES - at The Chimney Boy

5 to 7pm
PiF: perhaps what sets a great band apart from a good band is to have gained a following by playing original material rather than covers. The Narratones have achieved this.

"The Narratones started out in 2013 with shared dreams and different stories to tell. 4 mates from different towns make the music happen. Members being James (Vocals and Guitar), Nathan (Vocals and Guitar), Darren (Bass) and Matt (Drums).

‘Narratones’ (roughly translated) means who cares? We did look for a good title but soon became bored and settled with ‘the narratones’ instead. Deep and meaningful? No… but it describes our na├»ve, ‘narra’ minded style pretty well. Influenced by the Beatles – we write music which means something to us, we do what we like and like what we do, it’s simple. You can hear the vintage sound in our songs, that’s our style, but we do it our own way – we’re not Beatles wanna be’s ya know? " . . . . . .  read more on the band's website

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