Archived Wednesday 12th November 2014 - DICK MILES - at Faversham Folk Club, The Chimney Boy

Faversham Folk Club
Dick Miles
Ticket Price £TBC / £TBC

"From early days on the folk circuit, singer and concertina player, Miles turned professional in 1976. From 1977-85 he also played with the Suffolk Bell and Horseshoe Band, and was a founder member of the New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet from 1984-88.
From 1988 until 1992, he toured occasionally, both at home and abroad, with songwriter Richard Grainger, in addition to pursuing his solo career. The Dunmow Flitch, recorded with his then wife Sue Miles, was an album of traditional English music, released on the now defunct Sweet Folk All label, and featured Jez Lowe. Home Routes includes ‘The Alimony Run’, a bitter song by Pete Coe about marital seperation and some of it’s consequences. Playing For Time included a variety of songs such as Lennon and McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’/‘All My Loving’, and ‘From Four Until Late’ by blues guitarist Robert Johnson, as well as more traditional material, showing the range of the English concertina. Dick has established respect for himself on the folk circuit, where he is still much in demand as a soloist. In 1990, Miles recorded On Muintavara with the Irish group Suifinn, and then performed with them from 1991-92. During his career Miles has appeared on Folk On Two on BBC radio, on numerous occasions, and has performed at both the Festival Hall, and Purcell Rooms on London’s South Bank. Miles now lives in Ireland and tours regularly in Ireland, England and Holland. Apart from still working occasionally with Richard Grainger, he also plays with Ril-Gan-Anim, in addition to his solo work."

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