The Crown and Anchor - Hop Festival 2015

The Crown and Anchor 

The Crown and Anchor is a Shepherd Neame pub in The Mall, it is known for its traditional, friendly pub style. It has not featured in PiF's Hop Festival coverage over the past 4 years. 



Anonymous said...

What a shame that the session publicised on the folk circuit by word of mouth from 3-5pm Saturday never happened. Even more, how sad that no-one told the publican. He looked so disappointed and bewildered when we turned up at 3.15 and found nothing happening.

pif said...

I am really sorry that this has happened and I hope that PiF was not the cause of the confusion. I had tried to discover if the Crown & Anchor were holding a folk session similar to last year but could not get any info. I should have gone to the pub to ask.
I think events such as the hop festival should be spread across the town and help pubs such as the C&A as I think we are at great risk of losing such traditional pubs.
I feel slightly guilty and will do better next year.