Archived Friday 1st August 2014 - THE BROADWAY BAND - at The Dove, Dargate

The Broadway Band and barbecue in the garden
Older than time itself, Martin Nicholls is still a slave to the rhythm. From a family of noted Jazz musicians, he held a supper club residency at the Ritz for five years. His trombone sound is burnished in pure gold, his voice is that of a pampered goose. Dis guy puts the ting into swing. A summers evening of pure delight will be provided by his expert Jazz sidesmen, including: Piano: Mike Bishop; Bass: Mike Porter-Ward; Drums: Phil Laslett; Clarinet/Sax: John Lee;............................And a possible guest Trumpeter, with the chops of the Boss. Martin is presently training as a Dalek, and is open to all offers. Shake what ya mama gave ya

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