Archived Wednesday 11th June 2014 - STORYTELLING with BEN SLYTHE - at The Vaults

Storytelling with Ben Slythe

Wednesday 11th June at The Vaults 8.30pm

Part of Fav-Va-Voom
It's arguable that we didn't become human until we could talk. As soon as we could talk we told stories. The standard stories were told over and over again and this process refined them into specific types of tale, each with its own purpose.

We'll tell three classic types, a history tale, a paragon story and a warning story, each newly written to fit the pattern of the classic story structure.

In this case the stories are salted with a generous helping of humour and they're pitched to be suitable for anyone except the very young.

The three stories are:

  • The Battle of Maldon - Taken from the Anglo-Saxon poem, rescued from obscurity and then ruined.
  • The Wulfred - A tale of heroism and paragonity, filled with honour, courage and stuff.
  • The Riddlestone - A warning story about the dangers of fishing and of not listening to people, especially storytellers. Ahem.
Ben Slythe is a screenwriter (though not a famous one), film-maker (though not a wealthy one) and novelist (though nobody has noticed). The stories are his own original creations (approximately) and he'll perform them himself (sorry).

(NOTE: PiF would like to point-out that the above was written by Ben and we don't think he needs to say 'sorry'! )

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