Archived Thursday 3rd October - ALTERNATE THURSDAY MUSIC NIGHT - at The Sondes Arms, Selling

"Time for another gathering in the country, as the open play-what-you-like, sing-what-you-like, drink-what-you-like session returns on Thursday 3rd October in the village of Selling (the one train station on the line between Faversham & Canterbury East - I hear that train a-coming, it's a-rolling round the bend...).

Comprising Guitars, Ukuleles, Harmonicas, Washboards, Kazoos, a bit of Bass, a fair bit of random Percussion, maybe a Banjo or two.... It all depends who shows up.
If you want a song to play, bring along a few (or more) copies of the chords/words.
Or just try to join in by ear - usually a G, a C and a D or somesuch - tap your toes and sing along the choruses.

We'll be indoors, on comfy chairs, with good company, and maybe a roaring log fire too (that last bit is very much speculation on my part)

With friends new & old (mostly old) and a mishmash of goodtime music making.

Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it."

From around 7 or 7.30pm
1st & 3rd THURSDAY of each month

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