PiF's Holiday Summer 2013

PiF is now away on holiday.

Despite the fact that PiF will be many hundreds of miles away for a few weeks, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, normal PiF service will carry on more or less as normal. Facebook & Twitter will be updated daily though there might be a problem with Google+.
The main difference will be that due to the limits of the wonderful technology, it is very difficult to add new events / gigs - hence the above poster.
So, if you are staging a musical event or your pub has live music planned over the latter part of July and the first part of August and that event is not already listed on PiF then you have just a few days left to contact PiF:
PiF is already starting to put in place Hop Festival information. On our return, there will be feverish activity to get all the pub Hop Fest listings etc. So, PiF would be really, really grateful for any information on Hop Festival live music in the pubs and other venues other than the official stages.

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