New Version! - Now with extra, added Roy Leslie! . .  and a correction to the date for Funke & His Two Tone Baby

The amazing PiF's Handy Bank Holiday Live Music Guide will soon be deleted from this listing section to make room for the latest music events. But . .  you can still see and read the amazing PiF's Handy Bank Holiday Live Music Guide by clicking on the tab at the top of the screen labelled . .  errr . . . PiF's Handy Bank Holiday Live Music Guide

PiF's Handy Bank Holiday Live Music Guide is yet another great Playing In Faversham product


Nathan Burney said...

Funke & The Tow Tone Baby - Advertised as Saturday 2nd June 4.30pm @ The Chimney Boy should infact be Sunday 3rd June 4.30pm @ The chimney Boy!

Rob said...

Sorry Nathan - It is correct on the main PiF listing - I'll change the poster thing asap. Cheers Rob

Rob said...

The error is now corrected.

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