Update March 5th

Went to The Market last night with Dave The Puma to see Ivan Thompson's Allstars - they were really, really good! Like the horns and the guitar - well everything. Never used to be that keen on the funk sound back in the 70's, guess I've grown in to it.

Gradually adding more artist information to the site. Added a new tab with a database of info and web addresses of the bands / artists. As I have the info, thought that I might as well share it, it might be useful to someone wanting to book live music. This could be the start of a new business - 'Booking In Faversham'? The database updates from my Excel spreadsheet automatically, all I have to do is save it to the SkyDrive. I'm having to get to grips with all this tech stuff and am surprised by how much I've learned.

Onwards and upwards

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