Why the 'Playing In Faversham Blog'?

Why blog posts within Playing In Faversham.? Because I write interesting stuff? Because the public want to know the views of the creator of Playing In Faversham?

The truth is that the whole website is built as a blog and as such it gets greater 'Google recognition' if there are regular posts to it. So, if not adding new dates, it helps just to add something (I think).

This is the something!

Anyway - the site appears to be attracting interest and is ranking higher up the Google searches. All of which is good! Still work to be done on improving the formatting and to continue to hunt down the often elusive gigs and venues. Need to get more information on what's going on at The Alma, Sondes Arms and The Plough, Lewson Street. Also need to get clarification on the future of The Bear and their Thursday night folk scene. I hope the Bear stays open, it would be a hell of a shame if it were to close!

Forgot to say - I've added the little blog search box just because if I have to write stuff for the sake of it - then other people can suffer by reading it!

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