The Chimney Boy - Faversham Hop Festival 2014 Information

The Chimney Boy 

The Chimney Boy is situated in Preston Street almost opposite the Preston Street Stage. It's a Sheps pub that often stages live music, in addition it is home to the Faversham Folk Club. As it is so close to the Preston Street Stage, The Chimney Boy usually concentrates on having music in the evenings at Hop Fest time but it is also a great base from which to see the bands on the Preston Street Stage. The Narratones will be playing indoors on Friday evening, on Saturday and Sunday the music will be on an outside stage. There will also be food available. 
The Chimney Boy has live music throughout the year on a Friday or Saturday. In addition it hosts the Faversham Folk Club every Wednesday evening






5.00 to 7.00 - FLAWLESS CARBON

Band details:

The Narratones
"Narratones, describes us really - a bit narrow minded when it comes to music.
We started out in 2012, with similar influences and different stories."

James - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Nathan - Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt - Drums
Darren - Bass Guitar

(PiF: Definitely a band worth seeing!)

The Curb Pilots

A very popular ska / two tone band from around these parts.

Flawless Carbon
A unique blend of British and American Blues Rock. A hard-hitting, energetic Blues band from Kent, UK.

Formed in late 2013, long-term friends Lauren, Rob and Ben brought to bear the foundations for Flawless Carbon. Joined by Rich and Dan shortly after, the Flawless Carbon sound quickly took shape.

Variety is the spice of life, and FC have it in abundance. Blues, Folk, R'n'B and Pop play a large part in the background of FC's sound and history. Fused with influences from John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Maroon 5 and Black Stone Cherry, FC's unique take on British Blues Rock has them standing out of the crowd.

Currently working the local circuit around the South East of England, Flawless Carbon are quickly gathering attention from the UK Music industry. Their first EP is expected in late Summer 2014, with tours lining up for early 2015.

Power, Passion and Performance. You'll want to see them live.

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