Current PiF Situation 15/9/2021

I'm not sure yet whether to keep PiF going. At the moment I'm only adding events to the PiF Facebook page.

Facebook is not an ideal platform for showing future dates of gigs etc. So if I decide to keep PiF going then I will start using this site again.

Apologies for all this - after 10 years of doing PiF - it is hard to give up.



UPDATE: 20/9/2021

I'm giving it a go!

But I am struggling to remember how I do it!

(It's an age thing)


Ace Giigs said...

Facebook is so hit and miss, I hope you decide to keep your excellent site going. It's long been a model for others ;-)

john r. said...

A brilliant site, please keep it going, as i live near Folkestone it is the best way for me to find out about gigs in lovely Faversham. John R.

KiwiDave said...

Hi Rob
Please don't give up.
Even if you use a slimmed down version it would be better than nothing.
Personally I have never used Facebook and don't really want to start doing so.
Kind regards KiwiDave
PS hope to see you both at a gig soon.