Friday 14th February 2020 - DOM JOLY - at The Alexander Centre

Dom Joly’s Holiday Snaps: Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone
8.00pm      £18
As part of a full UK tour by Trigger Happy TV star Dom Joly in Spring 2020, Dom Joly’s Holiday Snaps: Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone will be coming to The Alexander Centre on 14th February. Travel and Comedy in The Danger Zone is a rip-roaring travelogue featuring stories from his childhood home in the Lebanon – where he went to school with Osama Bin Laden – to North Korea, Chernobyl and Cambodia.

This tour marks a period of intense activity for Joly, who will be the subject of a three-part prime time BBC TV show in Easter ’20, at the conclusion of the tour.

Dom has remained enormously popular since his pioneering Channel 4 show, Trigger Happy TV, which was sold to 70 countries, while his three travel books have brought him to a wider, literate audience.

Dom’s tour also coincides with the impending paperback publication of his new book,The Hezbollah Hiking Club, in which a boozy, cricket-filled afternoon at Lord’s led Joly and two pals to hike across the Lebanon, from the Israeli border to the Syrian border.

This show is a Dave Gorman-esque assemblage of clips, holiday snaps, funny stories and more – part comedy, part travelogue. There will be a meet'n'greet in addition to a sale of signed books.
Tickets available at the Alexander Centre - 01795 591691 / or book online:- 

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