Saturday 23rd February 2019 - FAVERSHAM LITERARY FESTIVAL - at The Alexander Centre

Main Hall

11.00-12.00    - Tim Dee, with Peter Fiennes

12.30-1.30pm - Jenni Murray

2.00-3.00pm    - Iain Sinclair

3.30-4.30pm   - Diane Setterfield

5.00-6.00pm  - Viv Albertine

7.00-8.00pm  - Jo Brand

Young Adult

Room 2

11am-12.00 - Lucy Strange and Emily Critchley

12.30-1.30pm - Ben Parker and Mark Bowsher

2.00-3.00pm - Young Adult Workshop: Writing Comics

3.30-4.30pm - Young Adult Workshop: Dr Who

5.00-6.00pm - Young Adult Workshop: Flash Fiction

For full details of the above events and all the Literary Festival events and to buy tickets online go to:


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