Archived Wednesday 22nd April 2015 - THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND - at Faversham Folk Club, The Chimney Boy

Faversham Folk Club
Three Sheets To The Wind
Ticket Price £7 / £8

Sea songs and shanties and all things maritime.

Derek (Captain) Gifford, Keith (rank & vile)) Kendrick and Geoff (cabin boy) Higginbottom are: Three Sheets to the Wind (Well – most of the time!) and sing and play authentic traditional sea songs and shanties for the delectation and delight of all and sundry, mostly in rowdy but harmonious form (tho’ less so in the latter as the drink takes effect!) acapela or with various instrumental accompaniment.
Giff can often be seen with ‘Vile’ strolling down Lime Street in search of a Liverpool Packet……….Dunno about the cabin boy…..

Anyone attending their performances should be prepared to be shanghaied or press-ganged and be partial to rum and ship’s biscuit (teeth and constitution permitting!)

Avast there, ye swabs!

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