Archived Sunday 14th September 2014 - STATE OF UNDRESS - at The Anchor

6.30 to 9.00
"State of Undress is a rocky rootsy 'fiddlesome' band from Dorset playing a distinctive and exuberant brand of original music.State of Undress are a difficult band to pigeon-hole. Their songs move from the poignant and provocative to the downright shamelessly foot-tapping! With music that’s ‘a blend of roots, rock, country, Celtic flavourings and a full-bodied melodic musical assault’ (R2 Rock n Reel), State of Undress promise you a musical roller-coaster of a gig…oh, and they do have a bit of thing going on with some shaky eggs!"

(PiF has only just discovered this band are playing tonight. Still trying to catch-up after Hop Festival followed by being away on holiday.)

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