Archived Friday 28th March 2014 - RICHARD NAVARRO - at The Dove, Dargate

7:30 Richard Navarro
The first of The Dove's new music sessions: "We aim to have live music the last Friday of the month, highlighting local talent wherever possible. In the summer music will be played in our beautiful landscaped gardens, during the colder months music will be played within the pub"

PiF: I've seen Richard Navarro play a couple of times  and I have to say he was absolutely amazing !! You really, really should not miss the chance to see this guy play and sing! He is a multi-instrumentalist using pedal loops (think that's the correct term?).
Watch the video!

This is how Richard describes his music:

"I am a UK-based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist using looping to produce my music in the moment, live on stage.

Inspired by the people I meet, the words I hear and the places I see, I combine vocals with a trunk full of instruments (or sometimes just my violin), bringing them together with the help of a loop pedal.

I enjoy the challenge of performing on my own, but get the biggest buzz from collaborating with some great musicians. These include Charlie Andrew (producer of Alt-J’s ‘An Awesome Wave’), Nicholas Thurston (double bass and writing partner), Armstrong Briscoe/Rees Bridges (drums) and members of the JT Horn Section.

My debut album. ‘Along the Lines’, which I have recorded independently, has gained some airplay on BBC Radio 2 and local/digital radio, and in the past year I have supported artists such as Joan Armatrading, James Taylor Quartet, Rachael Sage and Gwyneth Herbert on their national tours."

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