Archived Wednesday 15th January 2014 - HELEN NORTH - at Faversham Folk Club, The Brents Tavern

Faversham Folk Club
7.30    Ticket Price £6 / £7

"Local folk singer and songsmith, whom 'Mudcat' fans will recognise as 'absolutely one of the best songwriters around, no question' and they should know.
Helen has only recently begun sharing her talents with a wider audience - hitherto a family privelege - thanks to the friendly badgering of local musicians in the Faversham area. Helen was seen to advantage on the new accoustic stage at the FavershamHop Festival last year, making a big impression with a 'memorably clear voice and captivating lyrics.' Her 'Nina's Pink Cortina' had us in stitches.
Helen's newly released first album 'Shifting Sands' draws on years of experience working with boats, and is a well-crafted selection of self-penned, sea-themed songs, to be showcased at the 'Sea Ilfracombe' festival in 2013, with great success. You'll find popular local heroes featuring, like Alan Prosser of Oysterband.

Helen is a Faversham girl through and through, and we're proud that she should hi-light the early days of our new venue at the Brents."


Keith Kendrick said...

Hi there, anyone know how I can contact Helen North please?

PiF said...

I'm sure Faversham Folk Club will have her contact details: